Dusk. Pretty amazing view from our room... #husbandandwifeweekend

When Wednesday nights now have its own meaning and purpose to it, but the wrong one...

My little girl Coby doing the FLOSS! Apparently this is a dance!! Got her dad’s moves!

A life without love, is no life at all.

So today we’re celebrating one of our favourite love stories in partnership with the @theweddingseriesagency
@jefflackstylist and @jadelj you’re an inspirational couple.
#WorldofWeddings #InterContinentallife #lovestory #WeddingSeries 📷 by @justinaaronweddings

Look ok

Cheers to hump day from @intercontinentalsydney 🥂💕

Thank you Intercontinental,we like your hotel #intercontinentalhotelsydney

Do you row correctly? 80%+ of people in the gym don’t!

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