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Lunch today at Pho Saigon in Baltimore. #90 Bun: beef, grilled shrimp and chicken spring roll on vermicelli w/ crunchy fresh veggies. #ohmyhell #sinkanefoods #pho #vietnamesefood

First time having Phō ☺️🍵 #AΣA #BigLittleEvent

Yesterday coming from work, I talked to a homeless guy in front of 7-11 and he needed an all day pass to Arundel. So I gave him $5 and he told me "good will come to you soon" I laughed and drove back home. Today I woke up and my mom gave me a $100 gift card and $30 in cash out of no where. She told me "I got it at a party and don't want it so you can have" . So all I gotta say is I had a good day 🐑❤️


Much needed:🙌🏻🙆🏻

Pho real about to do some heavy lifting 💪🏼🍲


Phō Real

They need to reclassify that as XL instead of L

Pho! 🍲

The snow getting you down? Nothing like the perfect time to enjoy a hot bowl of pho at our neighborhood Pho Saigon!

UMBC FASA is having a fundraiser at Pho Saigon tonight @ 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM. If pho isn't your forte, there are also some other delicious options they serve including their OH SO GOOD Thai Tea.

Please come support FASA and bring your friends and family! Get yourself all cozied up in Pho Saigon in this winter-y weather !!

Reminiscing on some pho on this cold snowy day 🍲

03.10.17 Nothing better than great weather and better company to enjoy dinner with. 🤗 Thank you UMBC αΚΔΦ Alumnae and Pho Saigon for hosting. 😋 { Bun heo nuong cha gio - grilled pork and spring roll w/ rice vermicelli and vegetables } 🍚🍜
{ Pho Saigon ; Catonsville, Maryland }
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March 09, 2017: Thank you all those for coming to our Pho Fundraiser, especially to our active house @umbcakdphi ! 😋 The weather was beautiful and the company was even better. We hope everyone had a great time and got home safely. 😁 Thank you again for the love and support ! Until next time. Wishing you all the best during midterms, too! 💪🏼 LnF ~ UMBC αΚΔΦ Alumnae 💜 #PhoSaigon #UMBCαΚΔΦActives #UMBCαΚΔΦAlumnae #UMBCaKDPhiAlumnaeFundraiser

Spicy broth and jalapeños for the win!

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