Virgin Gorda


Last night in paradise. 😔

Waiting for that sun to set 🔥#siete ⛵️ #monkeypoint #BVI

Good morning! Arrived safely last night and wake up to this view. Really grateful to be here and more pictures coming up. 🌴🇬🇧🌴 #bvi

By the beautiful baths at virgin gorda

Cave swimming is 🆒

Missing this and our tans @ahgriffin. You too, @maddiehas1 #tbt

New Yorkers- you can't be mad at me for this pic because I'm repping with a Yankees hat #infinitypool

killin the pain in the BVI's -- don't come looking for me 👋🍹


certified #oceanstar divers loved diving in and around underwater cliffs this morning & especially enjoyed the sting ray they spotted! #seamester #sail #caribbean #scubadiving

My wish is to stay here forever! #paradise #BVIs #rumandfish #certifiable

Scenic trip to Hog Heaven #cocktailsinthesky 🍹☀️

These people know how to have church! I am blessed with the many friendships I've made on this journey - My new family!

Good morning from the B.V.I !! / I used to always joke about coming to visit this guy because it sounded completely insane... But I decided to surprise him!!! It took me 2 planes and 2 super long boat rides to get to this tiny, 8 sq. mi. island.

#virgin #gorda #caribbean #lecimy 🎄✌️👍🌴

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