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Visiting my best fran @klymcc
New gym, new things to play on and fall off.
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Dyno Thursday! 🐒

#wcw goes out to these two lovely ladies, @laura.edmondson and @abreemurch and the awesome meet up groups they’ve brought into EVO, @browngirlsclimb and @sherocksne.
Thank you ladies for helping us continue to grow and diversify our EVO climbing community!!
Be sure to check out Brown Girls Climb and She Rocks New England on Facebook and Instagram to see what they’re all about and to stay up to date on their meet up days!
📸: Laura, Abree, and Sydney
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Heavy metal in my ears as I climb up this wall,
As I look at my haters to say fuck you all.

Coach Bear making sure the kids use good form during their planks.

Rainy day plastic

I'm gonna get this before I leave....

New kicks//Muggy Afternoon Run
Zen Labs 13.1k Training Run #3 + a little extra mileage because the shoes felt so good!
#altrarunning #altratorin3 #halfmarathontraining

Team BKB crushed at Sport and Speed Regional Championship this past weekend! 11 competitors are headed to divisionals next month, and full results are listed below:
Ruby - 2nd
Nora - 3rd
Marcus - 4th
Michaela - 4th
India - 5th
Ada - 7th
Louisa - 8th
Michael - 8th
Lex - 9th
Megan - 9th
Bella - 10th
Rebecca - 12th
Abby - 16th
Ross - 17th
Thomas - 17th
Jane - 20th
Harriet - 24th
Calder - 24th
Tito - 26th
Ray - 37th

Nora - 1st
India - 2nd
Bella - 4th
Ada - 6th
Megan - 6th
Louisa - 6th
Michaela - 8th
Marcus - 9th
Rebecca - 11th
Lex - 12th
Thomas - 13th
Abby - 17th
Calder - 18th
Tito - 24th

Our latest New England area meet up was such a blast!! We are so excited to watch our BGC fam grow! Hope to catch you at the next one! ✊🏽🧗🏽‍♀️✌🏽 #browngirlsclimb

Cross Training Day: An hour's worth of climbing and then a semi light upper body day with Coach Bear. Over all feeling strong. So happy I get to bring my girl to work with me. #weneedmorepetsintheworkplace #pasodibear

Coach Bear snoozin' on the job.

Had an awesome time judging Regionals and watching all the youth competitors crush on these routes. 🧗🏼‍♂️ 💪🏼 I’m the judge in the bottom left corner (yellow pants). This also wraps up my 3rd time judging a USA Climbing competition. 👍🏼 Until next time...

Following the team motto: there is no whip...only take

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