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the universe
is well aware
she never meant to
fall in love
not with him
then her soul
was showered
with his love
and her heart
became his

♥️nahid fattahi

deuces high school !!!

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BEHOLD - the shining potato of a Renaissance Painting, drinking wine and receiving awards for her poetry ✨

And it starts. #halfbaked session in full swing at #swsantaclara #startupweekend

Bunny and bear toast topped with orange bows, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, banana, plum candy, fig, clovers, Annie’s Homegrown berry bunny cereal, flowers, Lotus Foods rice crackers, almond slices, and pistachio 🌿🐻🐰🍊✨🥐🌻

Back in the saddle. Getting ready to facilitate Santa Clara's first #startupweekend let's go!

børns a few weeks ago

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