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Mom 2 a beautiful bb

hey why didnt anyone tell me that dead poets society would be the saddest thing ive ever seen and that after u see it youll be so sad #deadpoetssociety #sad #why

Our wonderful guest Brie Eley on this week’s episode 🌈😍🌈link in bio⭐️🐶💫

Дом в котором жил Робин Мак-Лорин Уильямс или просто Робин Уильямс

I can't even eat. The food keeps touching. I like military plates, I'm a military man, I want a military meal. I want my string beans to be quarantined! I like a little fortress around my mashed potatoes so the meatloaf doesn't invade my mashed potatoes and cause mixing in my plate! I HATE IT when food touches! I'm a military man, you understand that? And don't let your food touch either, please?

Robin Williams house

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