Hook and Ladder 8


Wow! This place is great. When can we move in??

IN THE LAB WIT MY NINJA FOR LIFE @PROCELL #PROCELLARCHIVE #StorageB #HoodmanIsInStorageA #TShirtOPEC a lot of noobs in the vintage game, a lot of people rockin shit they have no connection to, but I'm glad Brian is out here protecting this culture, archiving the history, and being responsible about how much, at what moment, and who he sells to. This is not some here today gone tomorrow fashion trend. It's not just about lookin fly or caking off a vintage come up. Before it was poppin this music, these movies, these tshirts kept a lot of weirdos like me going because it's all we related to. You could see your reflection in these tees and it was the real CNN (Cotton News Network). These are memories people actually lived so don't fake the funk and please rock it well 🙏. Shouts to JR in the Dot as well. Last of a dying breed... #HuangsWorld

Ladder No. 8 gets a touch up. #Ghostbusters

Un día vimos un piano arrastrando muertos así que recurrimos a los cazafantasmas..

Who ya gonna call ... 👻

#GHOSTBUSTERS #ifuckinglovenewyork

We're franchising. #bbqghostbusters #ghostbusters (Ticket link in bio)

Haven't backed up my computer in 30 weeks but I did rediscover photo booth.

Could wear this dress on repeat for weeks 💘


It was under construction. But i finally got to see the firehouse before leaving NYC. A really special moment for me. #whoyagonnacall

I'm home

Oh no, they shut down the Ghostbusters again :(

'To be clear, nothing in this lab is safe' - #Holtzmann #Ghostbusters #HazardousHoltz #JillianHoltzmann

Only been waiting my whole life to see this building!!! 🚫👻

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