Last Resort Grill

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Crab cake and filet make ya wanna say yay! This dime piece was from @lastresortgrill and was the best steak I have had in a really long time! Literally melted in my mouth! Served over mashed potatoes and green beans and topped with a mini crab cake! #athenseats #tesstastes

Missing my other half right now! (And that White Chocolate Cheesecake) ❤️

This is a crappy picture of a fabulous meal, believe that. Karla and I shared the meal and THIS was my half. Scott was our waiter and he was equally fabulous. If you are in Athens, I'd suggest trying The Last Resort. Everyone else at the table had a different meal and all loved our food.
Mine was Chicken in Parchment (chicken breast baked in a bag with our fresh pasta ribbons, seasonal greens, & herb roasted tomatoes, topped with white cheddar cheese & a dijon cream)

Recruitment is over which means I treated myself to chocolate chip cookie cheesecake.. and it was what dreams are made of

Due to popular requests... TESS TASTES TAKES ON ATHENS!🐾🐾🐾 This is my favorite meal in all of Athens, “chicken in parchment” from @lastresortgrill ! It’s fresh pasta noodles, chicken, cherry tomatoes, greens, and cream sauce all baked together in parchment to keep the flavors in. #athenseats #tesstastes

Celebrating our beautiful Aunt Kaye today! Happy Birthday!🎉❤️

First friends to visit our new home! 😍💖🏡 Loved seeing you all, @carimmason 😘❤️ Go Dawgs! 😉 #athens #godawgs #friends

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