Friend Of A Farmer


Omg this fresh baked cookie just killed me! 🙈 it was soo good! 😱😋 #foodporn #lunchtime

It might be cold outside but keep it lit within #tbt #nyc #staytuned #friends "Energy travels" ✨❄️💥💡📿

The best pumpkin pancakes I've ever had. #foodstagram #nyc #brunch

Dwight Schrute approved

#brunch babe 😍 #систер #подружки👭 🤗👩‍❤️‍👩

sobre um almoço delícia num lugar delícia!
#trip #nyc #food
ph: @_retratos

• major key •

Sunday Brunchin'☕️🥓🥞🌳🐄 @jasminerconto 📱🤦🏼‍♀️


An early breakfast to end our visit.

#tbt originally @johnha threw out this shot -- we were doing a fashion yoga shoot and you don't see my clothes (yes, hidden are shorts and a halter top). I'm glad he ended up keeping it, because I love this pose -- it took years of practice to finally open my hips enuf + build enuf strength to be able to practice it (and many, many, ugly awkward embarrassing falls) -- the first time I was able to lift up w ease...felt so good 💫🙏🏻 I thought about the journey of this pose this morning during my #BJJ practice -- I seriously suck at jiu jitsu, everything is so new and awkward -- but I remembered the journey with yoga had also started out that way. #mentaltoughness

Early mornings before work means outdoor breakfast.

Sisters from another mister #reunion #postbacclove

Memorial Day withdrawal is happening as I trek to work @jenny217

First outdoor #brunch of the season means it's officially #spring in #NYC #agirlsgottaeat #gramercy

When leftovers from last night's dinner become today's lunch >>>

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