El Ghazouane, Essaouira, Morocco


My girl ♡

En Avril Le Pierrot 💥 deja black 😜

MA PETITE PLAGE - SWIMMINGPOOL BATH. #pattidress #terrydress #swimmingpool #floating #blue #yellow

This is Sheldon and sultan

my first revered yoga teacher reminded me that yoga is not about being able to do a pose like king pigeon, that our most important #yoga, is the yoga of our family. because of this gift from God I am able to focus on myself instead of boys because I already have a beautiful boy in my life, and then when I get romantically involved, it’s a bonus. I used to be attached to poses, partners, and even the image of being a yoga teacher. I think about my first teacher and the joy he would have when talking about his family, and the same joy I can relate to now being a mother, and I am reminded that some of the greatest yoga feats I have had have nothing to do with poses, but with my relationships, especially in my family. #foodforthought

Sunset 🌅

La piste c’est la vie ....🇲🇦😍😎

فوااحد النهار👆👆❤

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