Fillmore & Western Railway


Mother's Day Dinner and train ride!

Perks of being on 12 hour night shoots: hanging out with a super fun crew & getting sick footages from tons of different locations. This one was so far my favorite. Can't wait to go into editing! 🎬 #teamnosleep #uscfilm #gradthesis

He is my 🌍 i love him so much thanks @mandaa_maarie_fit for blessing me with him β£πŸ’œ

Lunch on a train for the best mom a son could ask for. Happy Mother's Day!!

A boy and a train πŸ’™

I recently revisited the pumpkin patch I used to go to as a kid, and @consciouschris came along for the fun πŸŽƒ We rode the old train, picked pumpkins, ran around in the corn maze, and even found both an avocado and a persimmon tree that we helped ourselves to ❀️ If any of you are in the area, it's called Filmore & Western Railway! Make sure you pack yourself some vegan snacks, and also try and check out the farm stands along the surrounding roads! #sweetsimplevegan

Zombie land in search of PumpkinHead

Field trip trainride to the fish hatcheryπŸ‘ΈπŸš‚πŸŸ #choochoo #familytime #toddlerlife



He is my 🌍 i love him so much thanks @mandaa_maarie_fit for blessing me with him β£πŸ’œ

Conductor Don

Our HOG ride last Saturday to Fillmore to ride the train. Don did a great job leading us there, then to lunch afterwards at El Pescador.

Don did a great job leading BHOG to Fillmore for a train ride.

So relaxing!

Here we go!

All aboard! Train ride!

I just love cotton candyπŸ₯

May festival 🎑🎒🎠😜😝

On this side of the tracks there was a homeless woman sleeping on a bench next to where I was standing. Several other people were walking around, heads hung low, and looking like they could benefit from a warm home and a good meal. On the other side were carnival rides and happy people. The vibrant colors of the sky made it all beautiful. The Old Fillmore Train station never looked so good.

Next stop...Fillmore,which has a historic downtown that was established when Southern Pacific built the railroad through the valley in 1887.When the railroad arrived, real estate sales were booming and a pioneering spirit permeated the air.The first orange grove was set out on five acres in 1888 as an experiment, ten years later in 1899 Fillmore was classified as β€œa horticultural center for oranges, lemons and apricots. Now Fillmore still has the 1930’s look and the city still is one of The Last Best Small Towns in Southern California. So if your feeling like going back in time, you must visit this beautiful little town.

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