Chautauqua Park


Colorado, September 2016:
I went to Colorado for my best friend's small, intimate wedding that was to be at Estes Park. She bought the permit, but no one told her that it was the busiest weekend of the year at the park because of the elk migrations and that it'd be damn near impossible to have a wedding there at that time. .
After driving around all of Northern Colorado looking for new places to wed, she said "I do" to her husband in Chautauqua Park in Boulder. The next day I went to Red Rocks and wandered around.
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Today was a good day 👊

We had a lot of fun shooting our own engagement photos today. Dodged and weaved a hail storm but everything worked out great. Just as it always does with my soon to be wife #flatirons #chataquapark #mydogsarebarking

A flatiron a day keeps the weakness at bay #glutingforthenewalpinism #optoutside #notglutenfree #glutesactivated

There are really too many favorites to choose from!❤️
Excited for you to see the rest of them!
Should be tonight 😁
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Young and sweet, only 17 ✨ { thank you @maya.claridge @shea_marie_cassidy for painting and hiking and taking pictures with me}

Super late gram! Went hiking Sunday, it was rainy and foggy. Some days are crappy, but having an awesome hiking partner to point out some amazing views (in spite of the fog) and push you a little harder makes a huge difference. Even when the weather is not ideal I've never regretted getting out for a hike, the same goes for the gym. It's all about dedication and discipline to achieve your goals. #rainydays #hiking #hikingadventures #boulder #colorado #bouldercolorado #mountains #dedication #discipline #keeppushing #pushyourself #rockymountains #ilovehiking #goodpeople

Day 3 of #NatureAsanas in front of my favorite natural wonder in the world ⛰ Chautauqua has always held a special place in my heart 💚 not because I think it’s prettier than any of the other gifts Mother Nature has given us 🌎 I love this place because every time I see the flatirons I take a moment to revel in what a blessing it is to live at the foot of these crazy, beautiful mountains and I am filled with gratitude for the place I call my home 🙏

GLORIA! DIA! What a spring day for a hike and major laughter and love. @ani.jackson you rock my worlds!

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