Arleta, Los Angeles


Don’t forget to wear your new Osborne Apparel tomorrow! We’ll be helping clean-up our community after church this Sunday! See you there!
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During our Sunday service tomorrow, @osbornekids will be doing a community care project of their own. Remember to come dressed to serve! .
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This was the good tele!! Not this reality bullshit! Piruris! Maria Victoria! Chabelo! Not even All my children is the same! CNN is like the only best thing out there! I don’t know why I pay for cable🧐


I used to think this way not too long ago, but I had to realize that we only see what people want us to see on social media. Which is usually the good.

I had a conversation with a girlfriend today who said one of her insecurities was looking up exes on social media to see where they were and if they’re break up reason “I’m not into marriage/serious relationship” was true or look up their current significant others exes to see if she was prettier then them. This isn’t the first time she’s come up to me with this, so I asked “Why do you compare yourself to others?” She admitted it was one of her weakeneases. I then asked “Did you feel better afterwards?” She said no. I reminded her of all the awesome things she’s accomplished and has in her life, she felt better.

I realize it’s easy to get caught up in what others have/do or let’s face it, the past. But honestly, if we really think about it, does comparing ourselves to others make us feel better? No way! All it ever does is make us feel more horrible and insecure then before.

You see, we are all worthy regardless of shape/size/height/religion/weight. We are worth more then we give ourselves credit. Is it easy remembering this when we are down and feeling insecure? Hell no! But we all have bad days and tomorrow is a new day 💕🌸🌼