I have to try the Ramen in every city that I visit. Trying to take over the world one bowl at a time. This is Takumi's karrage miso ramen. 🍜🍜🍜🔥🔥🔥

First time trying Japanese ramen.
I had ramen with fried chicken - and O M G! Lemme tell ya: It was DELICIOUS!!! I never thought that fried chicken would go so well with a soup 😶. It was so much, my tummy was really full after that. Yum yum!
Also I had a blast meeting my wonderful friend @linhisworld after like 2 months we had so many laughattacks tonight! 💜
Btw if you wanna see all of my food adventures make sure to click on this hashtag 👉#MsFoodAdventures and enjoy 😄


itadakimasu~ 🍜👅

#뮌헨맛집 감기때문에 아무맛도 느낄수가 없다 😷

Def. The best #ramen noodle soups in Munich!

Easily the best shoyu ramen I've had on this tour. Shout out to chef Yoshi and crew at Takumi. If you're ever in Munich, do yourself a favor!!🔥🔥🔥


Its been a while 😃 Misoramen @ Takumi #takumimunchen #ramenandrun

Lunch (´∀`)♡ #ramen #takumi #munich

Ramen addicted! 🍲 🇯🇵
#ramen #edamame #noodles #ilcontograzie #capitotutto

#mocha ice

든든히 라면 한 그릇! ;)
Tolle Ramen in München!

If bliss had a taste, it would have to be that of Takumis Tonkotsu Ramen! 😍😍😍 #foodporn #japanese #japanesefood #ramen #happy #foodstagram #foodie #ラーメン

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