Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office


I work with the greatest people!!

Today Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office held their annual Fallen Heroes Police Memorial Ceremony commemorating National Police Week. Law enforcement officers play a critical role in our communities, and our vital in maintaining law and order. Unfortunately, brave officers lose their lives while trying to defend our freedoms and protect our safety. There is no honor that can compare to the ultimate price our lost officers paid for our safety. So today we pay our respects to all the fallen heroes, their families, and friends.

It’s Friday !!!

Big Thank You goes out to the Sheriffs Office for in trusting us to cater the Woman’s 3rd annual Law Enforcement conference. Fajita’s, Chicken, Sausage coming right up. #SmokingMafiaBBQ

I love my job!! 😊 Blessed to be putting in extra hours.

My drive to work every morning always reminds me of all the blessings shinning upon me. Have a great Sunday everybody!

Rest easy everyone... Deputy Fee Fi Fo Farias has everything under control....

15th Academy Class will be out at the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Academy for TCIC/NCIC training.

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