Wishing I was looking up at these instead of at my computer screen today 🌴🌴🌴 Why is it that vacations seem to end so quickly? I’m ready for the next trip with @lifterlaurabrown already!

Here’s a little NatSquared action for ya!!! ...one of us may or may not have put on a bunch of lotion right before we tried this 🙄🤦‍♀️🤣

Have a Nattastic day, @mariama_nat & I can’t wait to see you ladle!

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Always loved Tropicana. New owners keep it clean, open and I usually win playing there. Nice rooms too!! #vegastours

Backstage at the Trop. #elliotterwitt

home in vegas. it feels good to be home even though our lil girl has a terrible cold 😖 onto the pediatrician, try to figure out how to get into work still, and how to continue the week despite some physical & emotional depletion. but that’s what we all do EVERY day because human beings are awesome & strong & resilient. have a great day friends. 💚 #soberinvegas #sobermom #mama #sobriety #recovery #lasvegas #instavegas #vegasblogger #tropicana #702 #explorevegas

Happy 2 year Anniversary my love @khi_evans here it is another year and another Olympia weekend where it all started for us. Even though it’s been a short time it’s been an effortless love for one another. Sharing the same goals and passions I couldn’t ask for a better future husband and best friend to be by my side. I love making memories with you and growing our lives together. No it’s not sunshine and rainbows all the time but we know our love will overcome any obstacle we come across. Thank you for being the man you are and loving me how you do. To many more years and memories to share. I love you honey!

If there’s a dream to live, live it. #LasVegas 🎰🏙

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