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@amanda_winne and I, killing it at the California geological society. Reppin CSU Chico 🤙🏻

Okay.. my English teacher is one tough cookie. She piles on the work and is super picky about every little detail you put onto paper. I busted my butt on this paper I wrote (5 pages) Hard work pays off! #imgonnacry #somuchtyping #mybrainhurts

I'm so glad I was chosen to read at the New Voices Student Readings Night for Grossmont's Literary Arts Festival. I shared some very personal thoughts about feminism and body image tonight... which I was nervous about... but it felt so empowering!! 👩‍🎓🚺📖 Now back to more writing tomorrow

One of those days but 🙋🏾#itgetsbetter with @brucetalbot

when someone slides in cierra's dms

When fine dining is so fine 💕
•BLT •Strawberry Salad
•Chicken Meatball Soup
•Grilled Flank Steak or Pan-Seared Salmon
•S'mores or Chilled Lemon Soufflé Cake

Payment is always nice, however when you also get a HAND CRAFTED BOOK of college students reflecting on your poetry...a few extra peacock feathers shoot up and you have the push you need to write another day. Thanks to @daniela.p.sow and @grossmontedu for putting this all together. Honored to be featured. #godblessteachers #gillsotu

@activeblake sending it to the moon! 🌝🙌✅ // #WeLiveFor4thDown


Finals got me like.... ☝

Math tutors at grossmont really set up great programs to help with final exams.

My brain is currently steaming! 😫😨 Goodbye life for the next week! I dislike finals. 😔 📚✏️👓

Hate this class with a passion 👎

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