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Grossmont College Math Study Center


I hate how polite the horn on my Impreza sounds
*someone cuts me off*
My horn- “excuse me human would you mind not doing that again, thanks”
Me-“You fucking asshole get out of my way before I run your Prius off the road”

I remember freshman year of high school when My coach wanted me to play on her team and all the girls wanted me to play volleyball and I thought it was a sport for girls only. I finally decided to give it a try and I fell in love with it. After seeing guys on the court rip TF out of the ball I knew it was for me. There’s so much people don’t find life because they just on try, they don’t look for it and they don’t go after it. Volleyball was something that I wasn’t the best that in the beginning but I liked it so much that it pushed me to want to be better every time I stepped in the gym. I’ve put in nemuerous hours and I’m still not the greatest and I’m still not where I want to be but I have grown so much over the years, gotten so much stronger, and met so many people. The look on my face after I hit it just shows my happiness and I swear its always that way when I play. Also , volleyball is a growing with indoor and beach and I couldn’t be happier! I love seeing people learn the sport mechanics and the game😎😎 My recruiting process is finally starting to come into play and I’m super exited for the next step🏐👾 SET CREDS: @nickacalderon
#jumptraininng #volleyball #gains #swoleisthegoal

I see it, I go get it. I may get got, but ima get mine. I do what I do, and ima leave my mark.

Grossmont College on this late Friday work night #grossmontcollege #ilovemyjob

.. San Diego Pop Warner League Competition for my babies & they nailed their routine 🖤💛 #vaqueropride #cheerlife #cheercoach

8-5 & still making time for my education. Beauty & brains 💉📚💖#StayEducated #NeverStopLearning #Nursing #MedicalField #Ambitious

Haven't done a self portrait in 4 years. #embroidery


My brain is currently steaming! 😫😨 Goodbye life for the next week! I dislike finals. 😔 📚✏️👓

Hate this class with a passion 👎

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