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So I did a thing today... What should I name her?? 🤙🏼 #Jeep #wrangler #beach #life #hardworkpaysoffs #blessed #summertime #letsgooo

I thought I'd post something other than myself lol, this car is awesome (CTS-V)
It's on the Cadillac Showroom floor in Mooresville NC "Randy Marion Cadillac" It's always fun looking around while we have our car inspected or repaired. The service and the people here are great.

Hard work pays off 😍

Strong. Dependable. Long lasting. Qualified buyers get 0% APR for 72 months plus $2000 cash allowance on most 2018 #chevy #silverado LT pickups when you finance with GM Financial #randymarion #mooresville #statesville #chevrolet #trucks

@randymarionautomotive @cormack.mike @sherrodcustoms @chevrolet
The 2018 Sherrod Silverado is heading to Randy Marion Chevrolet in Mooresville NC. Randy Marion stocks Sherrod Lifted Silverado
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Little dirty

Work yayyyyyy

Daydreaming about a new Cadi

"When I think of myself as an old woman, I just think of myself being really happy. And hopefully, I'll still be fly". --Rihanna ✌🏼⠀

And I would add to that...still competing in the #crossfitopen. Old lady masters MASTERS division. 💪🏼🎯🙋🏼⠀

18.1 announcement TOMORROW you all!!! Any guesses as to the chaos #davecastro is bringing???

So I did this thing on Friday.⠀

I went and test drove the Cadillac that I am earning this month via my AMAZING crazy hair biz.⠀

Guys... I set a goal in December. You might have heard. I called it #caddybystpaddy. ☘️⠀

As February wraps up here, I am in position to nail this thing a MONTH ahead of schedule. CRAZY!⠀

I do NOT share any of this to impress you or to brag. But simply to share the power of goal setting and seeing a vision-- then realizing it.⠀

Driving a brand new paid for Cadillac is only PART of that vision.⠀

The other part of that is donating my current SUV to a family in need who ANY CAR will equal freedom or opportunity for.⠀

I have driven a Cadillac before. I am fortunate to come from a LONG LINE of General Motors Detroit execs. So this particular car is kind of in my blood. And while don't get me wrong... it is AMAZING to drive, and I feel very blessed to be driving one again soon--- the BEST part is that SOMEONE ELSE will be paying the tab, and EVEN BETTER.... not just OUR family will be benefiting from the generosity... 2 FAMILIES will be after they obtain the keys to my current car!⠀

The push is not over! I am working hard this final week and am SO APPRECIATIVE for any purchases before month's end.⠀

And if this business opportunity even interests you in the LEAST BIT-- let me know. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, and show you the stepping stones to obtaining a paid for car of your own!⠀

And FINALLY... if you are in the Charlotte NC area and know of a family in need of a vehicle-- please send them my way.⠀

Because... if you are not giving, you are not getting. ✌🏼

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