San Francisco, California


fuck you gringo

would love to go back here 💟✈️

Here we go again bare to breakers

39 years today with this beautiful and gifted women @valerie_baadh . My luckiest day.

Julian Schnabel exhibit @legionofhonor Large works weather outside and juxtaposed inside with Rodin sculptures #sflife #sanfranciscophotographer #julianschnabel

Until next time San Francisco ✌🏼

Long travels. Back home.

I got too much to be grateful for, & a million reasons to smile 😊 #goodmorning 🙏

How you can tell it’s Bay to Breakers time... #sforiginal #eventlife #baytobreakers #justdont

Our California family trip. First stop: San Francisco ☀️☀️😍

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