The Bahamas


Throwback to these beautiful place🤩 @khanyisa.newaccount

Words cant describe how much fun i had with yall i love how diverse we was where im from we dont get to do this type of shit even though we havent known each for that long i feel like i know yall yall niggas like family to me ❤we defiently gone meet again thats a bet i love yall❤❤more pics and stuff coming

Happy Birthday @bethrunner. There’s no one I’d rather roll around in the sand with. See you in a few hours!! #sportsillustratedswimsuit


3 courses a night 🤤.

I haven’t had much drive or desire to post any of my own thoughts on here lately. I think that I started to feel tired of harping on the same thing over and over again. Love yourself, be you, be real, love your body, you’re a rockstar, etc. All truths. All things I stand by. But I felt like I kept saying the same things over and over. And eventually, I got a little tired of it. “Don’t people know this already? Aren’t they so sick of the world telling them to love themselves bc they already know how to?” But I don’t think the world has quite gotten there yet. To be honest, there are times when I feel like I’m not fully there yet either. But I continue to grow and shift my thoughts and read more books and learn over and over how many good things and how much love I deserve. And if I’m surrounded by self-love-encouragement, and I STILL have times where I have to continue reminding myself of my worth, I wonder how much other people have to do that. And I am reminded of how many people don’t do that ever. People who are consumed by thoughts of how much they dislike themselves. People who work out because they want to be desirable. People who have sex with others so they can feel valuable. People who always argue other people’s compliments of them, because they can’t possibly understand that they are worthy of those compliments, let alone self-love. So I’m going to continue to share. I’m going to continue to profess copious amounts of self-love over myself, because I believe that I deserve that, and I hope that through my example, others can see how terribly freeing it is to love the shit out of yourself. So if you don’t like quotes about self-love or embarrassingly honest thoughts from yours truly, do me a solid and click the unfollow button on my profile. Because I’m learning more and more how to live unapologetically. Dis is me. I love myself a lot. I have ups and downs, but overall, i love myself a LOT. And that’s okay. Not narcissistic. Not rude. But healthy. Freeing. There are about a million ways to learn how to love yourself if you want to feel that same freedom. I’ll be sharing more of those ways on here in the next several months. Much love, friends ✨

My favorite bracelets this season : @budhagirl .

Handcrafted in #thailand these all-weather bangles are #weightless #soundless #waterproof and #tsa proof...absolutely brilliant concept. #wardrobestylist #alexandrastyles

So we decided to get in on musical chairs. 😭🤦🏻‍♀️🇧🇸😂 #Iwon @gettem_fredd @classic_honey @donny_alvarez

Cruise Ship liberty #carnival #bahamas #fundays

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