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Urban Outfitters


so much love

my happy place☻

so much love

my pale white legs lol
#uoonyou #uoemployeestyle #ootd #wiwt #mystyle

comfy in tommy

Kinda wishing I would have bought this but at least I have a pic of it.


UO knowssss


I swear, if retail stores or any other store can't take goddamn care of the plants (especially that now these days they're being used as a decor) please just give them away to those who can. I mean I obviously wouldn't mind taking this one but Urban would probably be pissed af 😂 👀 #VSCOcam #vscophile #vsco

i missed u sm shata & yustin

two sisters in a photo booth

me featuring the holy bibles of alternative music

my happy place☻

today I worked my last shift at the Mall of America... very bittersweet leaving all of the great people I have met through the last 4 years of working there! my future will still continue at Urban, just moving to the Uptown location as the women's department manager!! I am so stoked to see what the new store brings me!! love all of you from the bottom of my heart! ✨ also I loved how awkward this lil video was and it features just a few of my fav people!

come along now, come along with me. come along with me and you'll see... what it's like to be free 🤘🏻

safe and sound

I donut want anyone else as my best friend 🍩@aleasha.edwards

Pic creds: @aleasha.edwards

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