Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg


The nutty boys were thirsty for the Luther Rose 🙃

Thanks best friends for all the laughs and smiles you’re the bestest I love you forever and always 💖

One of my favorite services in one of my favorite places with some of my favorite people.

Today’s the day I say goodbye, for now, to Gettysburg before starting my next journey. While I’ll be back a few times for events between now and August, today I move out and back to Buffalo for the summer. It is with a heart full of many memories of joy, happiness, stress, chaos, and love that I look back on and can’t help but realize how lucky and blessed I’ve been. I came here bound and determined to only spend 3 weeks here but those 3 weeks turned into nearly 100 weeks, and oh how I wish I could have 100 more. Gettysburg has become another home and I know it always will be but that does not make this any easier. Thank you for the memories, but more importantly thank you for these people (and the many not pictured here) that made this place home ❤️😭⛪️📚

Oh no, please. Can’t we go back to page one and do it all over again?
-Winnie The Pooh

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Perfect Saturday brought to you by:
1. 21st Annual Gettysburg Brass Band Festival 🎶🎺🎵
2. World Wide Knit in public day
3. Mother Nature and the Sun 🌞 •

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Looking for something to do today in Gettysburg? Stop by the 21st Annual Gettysburg Brass Band Festival! 🎶🎺🎵 We will be here all day in Schmucker Grove with a new Brass Band every hour on the hour! •

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y’all, Gettysburg has been spoiling us with some fantastic sunsets

Quite a different view for Music, Gettysburg! tonight as we kick off the Gettysburg Brass Band Festival! Usually I’m passing out the programs for these concerts but I like this view way better! My heart is happy to be playing in a band again ❤️🎶🎺🎵

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