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At a certain point it’s not about what you tell your athletes anymore, are they comprehending it? Is it soaking in? Do they understand it, If you weren’t there do they understand it so well that THEY could coach another? If they can coach others, then you know your message is getting through to them.
Kudos to Coach Anna taking everyone through the band stretching routine today.

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When it comes to a simple hip flexor stretch, many just think we get into this position and fire the hips forward and that will stretch them out HOWEVER there are some subtleties that if not done correctly will turn this stretch into a back extended instead of a hip flexor extender.

At the beginning of the video you can see I drive into it with a very extended posture, then follow the three cues I show, pelvic bone tucked under, rib cage down, then squeeze the glute of the knee down on the floor. This will help release the hip flexor and help keep me from driving into extensions @fitnessdiariesme
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I read this morning that studies have found that the biggest increases in childhood obesity rates occur during the summer. Kids have much more flexible schedules, more screen time, and things along those lines. As someone who dealt with childhood obesity it is tough to see other struggling with it as well.
This can also be a period where a lot of performance can be lost for those going out for teams in the fall. It is super easy to let yourself go in some respects when your schedule is so much more flexible. However the ways to mitigate this are the same. They need sleep, good nutrition, and to have some structure in order to stave off these effects. Don’t let them stay up all night watching tv, don’t keep a lot of junk in the house if they are going to be home all day, encourage movement.
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Shoutout to Athlete Academy standout Meg Cole. For going beast mode on one of the best Lax teams in the state! Congrats!
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Search for the subtle signs!
Landing “hard” when jumping, running, or just walking can be due to a number of factors. It could be, and most often is, lack of strength, it could be lack of motor control, it could be as simple as the client doesn’t even realize they are doing it. It could even just be that the client is fatigued. Whichever way you slice it the “landing” eccentric phase of any movement is the one most likely to cause injury, if the client can’t control themselves under those circumstances then coach them to the point they can. Whether that’s making them stronger, teaching them how to “land soft” or just backing off the jumping that day, ignoring it could cause serious complications.
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@matt_therrien_ lifting his most yet on his hip bridges 355! Bad camera work was on me, didn’t have room to move back or time to change positions to get the video. Nice work man!
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Are you a parent? Want to hear what type of impact Get Fit NH’s Athlete Academy can have on your child. Here is a snippet of Holly talking about how our program helped her daughter @m.cole15 on and off the field. Stay tuned for more!
Interested in our program? Contact information in bio, or click link in bio to register for a free athletic assessment and training session.
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Most think speed is all about the legs, but the arms can play a huge part in speed. Often times just correcting arm mechanics can make huge differences in speed and explosiveness. In the first video you can see Sam’s elbows coming away from the body, in the second we kept them in close. The result is a more compact and explosive position. This is often one of the easiest things to correct to gain speed.
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Are you a high school athlete? Or the parent of a high school athlete? Want to learn how to reach your peak? Register with the link in my bio for your free athletic assessment and training session and I can tell you how to improve your performance and leadership abilities on and off the field. -Coach Adam
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Sometimes your athletes aren’t going to come out and say “I’m tired, I shouldn’t lift today” maybe the don’t know that if they are beat they could be doing more harm than good. Either way keep an eye out for signs, one of the easiest ones to spot is what I refer to as “walking heavy” all of you have probably had those days after a lot of training where it feels hard to walk. Each step looks and feels heavy. Especially with inseason athletes small signs like this can help you decide the best course of action for them. In this case we backed off the explosive work for the day and focused mainly on mobility, flexibility, and other more “recovery” based drills. Things like stretching and foam rolling. Know your athletes
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Shoutout to @barbeautraining for maybe my new favorite psoas drill. As someone still working on correcting some breathing dysfunction and an overly lordotic posture in response to back injuries. As a result I have overly dominant Psoas and QL that I am working to correct.

Good game on a cold night for Kyle. 3 for 3, including a long double to opposite field showing some power and a few stolen bases mixed in.

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@kyle.martin12 with an absolutely gorgeous barbell deadlift this morning, you’d never know know that this is only his second class back in training. He’s still working on reaching with the chin, but he keeps a nice neutral spine from top to bottom on every rep.

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Know who you are working with. Thought for this video came to me after posting the couple videos I have of @sam_orze doing some different jump variations, mainly single leg ones. When it comes to working with anyone know them and be honest with yourself about their level. If I hadn’t spent months working with Sam on different jump variations I would have NEVER given him these.
Make sure whoever you are working with can do the minimum and work up from there. If you have an athlete that can’t land soft, don’t be giving them single leg box jumps.
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Next step in our jump training for @sam_orze working on the eccentric loading as well as some balance to finish off his jumps. Be VERY careful with this variation, it is certainly not for everyone, but with Sam easily clearing the bench it was another option to work on.

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@17_russo squatting what he thought was his max! He put it up multiple times, but it’s the most he has ever lifted! Beating out the last time we did a max lift.
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Now that the cat is out of the bag I wanted to share. Pretty cool, voted best Coach/Trainer in the Concord area! I’m not one to talk about myself but it’s pretty cool! Those of you out there in the area looking for a program to get your kids stronger and faster, come down and check the program out! Contact information in the info section.
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