Man i love pull ups❤️

Fuck yeah!!!! Deadlift time!!!🏋️‍♂️ time to train your legs and back!!!!


Hee lieverds,

Mijn gezicht is natuurlijk niet mijn hele trainingssessie op deze stand maar ik ben altijd blij als ik lekker getraind heb!
Vandaag lukt het me helaas niet veel is dicht vanwege 1e pinksterdag en ik heb repetities op school (jawel lucia Marthas is altijd geopend 7/7 🙆🏻‍♀️)
En jullie lekker een vrij dagje?
En wat vinden jullie van men leger outfitje 😝
Enjoyyyyyy your day!

Dikke dikke kusssss 💋

Ps. Sorry dat ik dm’s nog niet beantwoord heb komt vandaag verandering in ♥️ •

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Always be a #work in #progress, 🥑 @trainmore #gym

Oké oké er zijn een paar mensen... #commited or #crazy #itsuptoyou
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Workout done! Na een heerlijk dagje strand met @bybojanne & @mardjo83 💕 Nu kapot maar voldaan lekker naar huis. #enmetbobbie #natuurlijk #tochwelverkleurd #bruinebeentjes #kapot #makeuploos #moemaarvoldaan #trainmore #utrecht #💪🏻

beetje zitten

Morning workout helps me to cope with the uncountable amount of work that I have to do 🙃

Consistency precedes motivation.

It is so easy not to chase a goal because of some noble obstacle. One of the biggest obstacles I faced when going to the gym was: “I am not motivated” and if you have a goal, you should be motivated right? I thought gymming was kinda okay once I got there, but in the hour(s) leading up to me actually going I would hate it. Once there, I wasn’t like “Jayyyy let’s sweat”, but more like “Now that I am here, I might as well work out.” Last year in April, a friend of mine @cniakerina convinced me to go to the gym again. Before that I had managed to go exactly twice to the gym in January, zero in February and another big fat zero in March.
When I started out I went 3 times a week, I would be complaining to @lollipopfitness whenever I forced myself to go, but I would keep going. After 6 months, I started realizing I didn’t hate it any more. 8 months in I spotted myself enjoying it. Now, 11 months in, I had a very awkward moment when I found myself in the gym even though I had planned to take a day off.

Motivational books will tell you, go for three weeks to make it a habit. Afterwards, it will be easy. In my mind that’s total BS. First, it assumes you are motivated to grind out three weeks. Second it assumes motivation will suddenly appear. It won’t.

Recently, I read a book titled “The motivation myth” and its thesis rang very true to me. It poses that scientific research suggests that motivation tends to follow hard work, rather than it preceding hard work. You need to learn to love the activity little by little. That idea stuck with me and helped to notice my resistance getting smaller as weeks and months progressed. It doesn’t assume some three week miracle or that creating habits is for those already motivated. It says: you can learn to be motivated too, through effort. Now that’s realism right there.
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