The Third Man


Only art.. no more selfish selfies.

Bathroom wall lectures

Tony’s Joe Cotton and my Whiskey Matcha

Whiskey matcha 🥃🌱 #simonsips

Week of NYC cocktails: Day 1️⃣. #cocktails #happyhour #nyc

Happy happy birthday to my luminous brilliant friend/sister/confidante/comrade @tinaessmaker ❤️ photo by @giorgialupi 🌟

Pouring up the good stuff! ✨
Choice #santateresa1796 beverages by @lukasgarciao & @pexur for the lovely guests at @thethirdmannyc in the LES.
Let’s get inspired for this summer and have some rum! 🍹

It’s all about the right attitude. #thethirdman #pedro

Just two bitches trying to get a drink #happyhour #wemissyoubelle

Matcha + whiskey? Yes please!

Happy #MDW

The nut sack lamp is trending 😆

Ready to take the tube with @gabymarquez4 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Don’t leave us for London @gabymarquez4 😭💕 #TheGabyFarewellTour #MissYouAlready

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