No Regrets Tattoo


Sorry mom & dad, you'll see it one day ✌🏾

Got to do a little shout out tattoo for a lady I've been hearing about for years! Thanks for trusting me with this one @efyouceekay !

First tattoo came out exactly how I imagined and I couldn't be happier. Thank you @missmayiband for influencing me to become the musician I am today and will continue to be. @jerodboyd drum style will always be an influence in my playing! #StayMetal 🤘

Shout out to @scuzywuzy for doing an amazing job on it! He is a hell of an artist!

you know those people that always seem to show you the light even in your darkest times? yeah, hold on to those people. (s/o to MLK for this quote, he's da homie)✨

Some nights you leave the house thinking you're going to go rock climbing and end up with a whole mountain instead. @eliwhotattoos thanks so much!

My girl @jessicabrujatattoos back at it again with the beautiful artwork 😍 #sailorjerry #yesthatsanipple

Boom! @JessicaBrujaTattoos killed it on my first @GetLostPerv inspired tattoo! I love my little deep throating hentai princess! If you're in the Tempe, Az area hit up No Regrets Tattoo Parlor!

Thanks Jake! Had fun with this one.
#noregretstattoo #Tempe

when i'm with you, i'm at home. (thank you, @jessicabrujatattoos!)


"the blackest eyes,

the devil's eyes."

Such a fun day with @emmwise doing this Jerry/Grease mashup. And photo credit to my girl @heatherrrsucks because I can't photograph anything


Back at it again... #tattoo #paperplane

"Let Go, Let God"

Two faced pussy ⚡️

Split sheet me and John @johnbentrup I did the snake and jay Leno skull torch

#TBT I'm totally kidding kinda. Have Hawaii on my skull....

My Finals Week Reward📚💉 #inked

Gut, Mind, Heart #GMH shout out to my boy : @fransiscophoenics

Cover up from yesterday

Inner left bicep. Stay is something I have started to live by, everyday I focus on one thing just a lil more than others. For example working to Stay positive for the day, or Stay stronger! I love it and it works for me that's what matters!