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you ever wonder what it all really meanssssss 🎼 #iwonder

Life is a mirror of our actions, for our individual self, for our Family, but more importantly, for our fellow Humans, under One United Vision for Mankind, as no one (or no country) is an island. Americans instantly claimed that Ultimate Hero stature when it consolidated the Britz, Spankz and few French remnants into the so-called “United States of America”, leading to the creation of the “HOLLYWOOD” insignia in the desertous mountains of the City of Angels in California, catapulting itself as the world economic and entertainment superpower. For the last 2 centuries, Americans have developed its own culture, its own tonal accent, a much stronger, direct and condascending derivative of its European origins, exuding that choreographed dominance to always feel the hero, the “lead” or the ultimate role model to every life situations in the so-called “MOVIE”, undermining and not listening to the great stories of resilience and coherence that thrive elsewhere in this World, that continue to evolve, resplendant to our human nature that loves change. No “Pretty Woman” movie or perhaps those Marvel movies can ever salvage our motives that have been tainted, over time, due to the growth in our individual ego and not being coherent, not just within America, but to all countries. We can’t just live by this individualistic culture, we need to interface with humility, kindness and sensitivity to sustain us for the future. No rules we create for ourselves (FED, SEC, IFRS/GAAP, etc) can ever resolve all our differences, if we don’t go back to the very core of our essence as One Human Race. 🙏🏻 AMEN...
~King PrÆy of Black.Bridge, ex-CPA
#4242018 #OneVisionforHumanity

Love the life you live. Live your life like it’s golden
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Shopping time, Rodeo Drive, LA.

At The Cavalli Party with Fabulous Jennifer @jennifer_smith_hale @christophechoo @c.magazine @robertcavalli

With my Sweetie at The Cavalli Party @christophechoo @robertcavalli

With Beautiful Priyanka at The Cavalli Party @khannapri @roberto_cavalli

Shot บังคับ มุมเดิมๆ #RodeoDrive #BeverlyHills #LA #JrTrip2018

At the Cavalli Party with my Sweetie @christophechoo Thank you to our Beautiful Hostess @khannapri 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️ @jennifer_smith_hale @c.magazine @robertcavalli

People gone, shadows remain #beverlyhills #losangeles

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