Walpole Park


Is ur friend ur friend if she doesn't make you delete 203874 pictures and crop her out everything

Aqui les muestro un pedazo de mi rutina de hoy, fue super entrenida y sin máquinas o equipo! ➡Fueron 10 rondas de:
2 mins corriendo
Paraba y hacia tres ejercicios distintos para core, pierna y brazos de a 20 repeticiones cada uno
Today's workout was very fun and easy, there's no need for fancy machines! ➡I would run 2 mins around the park, then stop and do three different movements that would work core, legs and arms each for 20 reps, then start running again. Repeated it for 10 rounds!
🎵 Broccoli - DRAM Ft. Yachty

Another night at Work #ealingcomedyfestival

Is it wrong to enjoy your commute to work? #walpole #peaceful #nature #earlybird #london


🌳💐🌸☺️my fav season☺️💕

Kicking off Sunday morning with beans from deepest, darkest Peru... thanks to 🐻 for bringing them back to London for me!
#butfirstcoffee #sundayfunday #espresso

caught slippin

Classic kitty moves at Ealing Jazz Festival last week🕺


I found the end of a rainbow today. Where's my pot of gold?

S Andrejkom :) milé dámy, tento fešný čobol je stále nezadán:) kdyby na něj chtěl někdo číslo;)

Daddy Day in the park

I found a bee hive! (I'm aware it wasn't lost but it's new to me)
#beehive #bees #london

Perfect day for a walk through the park
#park #london

Walpole Park in the sunshine
#bridge #park

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