Do you plop? For how long? With what? And why? Love to hear what you ladies do!
I Do👈🏼 Anywhere from 45 minutes to an Hour. I usually cris cross an old T-Shirt by my forehead and flip my hair up in it. It really helps me obsorb excess water after I set my hair, giving me maximum bounce and height. To much water left in my hair will flatten me out.I style with Ultra Defining Gel and finish with Deva Hairspray. Today I did diffuse, but usually air dry. And @rachael_devacurl brighten up my Blonde today, I love it Thank You Rach 😘

It's time to start loving my curls!!! @nevila_devacurl thank you so much for helping me start this process!

before and after, even the first picture was taken after the haircut, (forgot to take the before haircut pic) cut by me and color by amazing @smadar_devacurl #nopoo #onecondition #stylingcream #ultradefininggel

curls on curls on curls 🌀🌀🌀

Let the process begin ➿✂️ #CurlyGal🍍

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HAIR COLOR INFO: This photo is from 2 days ago when I got my hair colored + styled at DevaChan Salon by my favorite stylist Analis. It doesn't show much in this photo but its exactly what I wanted. If you know me, you know I don't like drastic changes and I love dark hair with my skin color so this was the best balance for me. I also don't like high maintenance hair especially when it involves color because that means I have to keep up with it, getting it re-done and continuous damage! You guys know I am not about that chemical damage life, so I got a 1 time color style that fits me and my lifestyle perfectly. I kept my natural dark brown hair and told her to add random small sections of color to contour and add light to my hair while framing my face! She is an expert at hair contouring so she did an excellent job! The colors added are in between honey and maple syrup (as she called it) from mid head to ends highlighting random-specific places and little to no color on the back part of my hair. So it basically gradual highlights on the bottom of my hair and no color on top crown area or near my scalp. I think long term guys, so as my hair continues to grow the color will get lower and prettier👌 I am someone who appreciates small changes because small changes are BIG to me. I'm just so glad i don't have to keep up with this ever, and she didn't use a dye with harsh ingredients that would effect my hair with just 1 use. You'll see a better look at it in a future video😉 FYI Im going to 🇬🇧LONDON🇬🇧 see my previous post for info! #DevaChanSalon #DevaChanSalonNY #DevaChanAnalis #NewHairColor #HealthyHairColor #DevaChanAnalis

New video is up about my new hair color/cut! I showed the whole process from start to finish! 💇🏽💗💯

Check out my latest vlog all about my trip to N.Y. with @mydevacurl for their launch party!! Link in bio ⭐️
PC: @blackprints


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Here are the final results of @MyDevaCurl #DevaChan cut! I'm soo happy with it! To answer some of your questions, it was cut on dry hair! This technique is really good for curly hair since we have so much shrinkage and such! You can't really see how your hair falls while it's straight. @nevila_devacurl cut each and every curl and gave me the perfect shape! Thanks so much! 💚I also took over their snap chat, so check out their story to see the whole process! 👻MyDevaCurl #DevaChan #DevaCut #MyDevaCurl

Chop chop 💇

Thank you @Brian_devacurl & Tatiana!! 💇🏾💇🏾💇🏾

Oh memories!
When I became a hairstylist, one of my goals was to become a #curlyhairspecialist .
Last year I got an opportunity to attend the Devachan Academy in New York City, & it was there where my passion for #curls was truly found.
I'm looking forward to attending the Devachan Academy again in the future.
Los Angeles next year hopefully 😸

Receiving my Devacurl certification was my biggest achievement in my career, & I met amazing people at the academy that inspired me to keep pursuing my dreams.
#hairbysunflowersandscissors #curlsruletheworld #devachan #newyork #curlygirl #noresttosuccess #stayinspired #ilovecurls #naturallycurly #mydevacurl #devagirl #naturalcurls #rockpaperscissorssc #sodacitycurlies #devacut #curlslayer #aroundthewaycurls #aboutthatcurl #berrycurly #curlbox #neverstoplearning #getfussy

💆🏻 Big thank you to @mydevacurl for the most amazing products ever 😘#devacurldecadence #curlygirlshavemorefun #curlyhairdontcare #supercreamchallenge

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#latergram The results of my Devashan Salon experience. So happy with it. In my experience with getting my #naturalhair styled at salons stylists tend to apply a lot of product; leaving my hair sticky and weighed down. I refused to let that happen again so I spoke up and told my stylist to apply 50% less product and emphasized that I wanted my hair to be fluffy and frizz is not my enemy. #teamfrizzy

💋 B4 & After my haircut @Devachan Salon NYC #curlyhair

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