Bay Jiu-Jitsu


Day 1 Kid’s camp... thanks to @rdojo, @koala.jules, @kai.__slash2.0 and Emily D for all the help. It’s a big one. #summer #summercamp #jiujitsu

Leveled up for the Summer. Thanks to Coach @thefakestephan, Coach @rauldbjj and all Phin's buddies at @bayjiujitsu

After class glow. No better feeling. Especially after getting worked by all the old homies here. Thanks @anthonyjn for taking me to my first class here and @magalit_bjj415 for leading the pack of friendly savages.

Rise n shine, get choked lol😆 #taptaptap #6amsuccess #gijiujitsu #jiujitsu #memorialdayrolls

20+ kids in the 4-6 year old class. I feel like I’m a school teacher again! Thanks to @mineiro.bjj @mbonanic @djgantulga (for the pic) and @asilujsesiom for the dynamic duo assistants! PS I know all their names!

Big kids class! Special thanks to @mbonanic for teaching the advanced kids and @djgantulga, @koala.jules and @moissses for all the help!

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