Franklin Hills


There was probably a puppy. 📷: @carekettu

#fbf the night I photo captured these street cracks in my neighborhood


Climbin climbin

Edit: I posted this because @shelbywulfert and I went on a hike that scared us, and I liked this pic that she took at the top of toughest part (there used to be a rope to hold on to while scaling those small, loose rocks, but erosion has caused it to fall away, so we free climbed the rocks instead, and we were super proud that we made it up without the rope we had expected to use)

In other words, I did NOT post this picture in order to be told how "flat" or "weird" or "bad" my butt is. I'm fully aware this is not the most flattering picture I've ever taken, in a "weird" mid-climb position with messy hair and a sweaty face. If that's what you choose to see when you look at this picture, so be it, I can't stop you. However, if you're trying to make me feel ashamed of this moment in time you might as well stop trying, because all I'm ever gonna see in this photo is an accomplishment and a memory of a great day with a wonderful friend 👍🏼

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Happy #nationalpuppyday to this helpful assistant and the grumpiest animal I've ever met. We love you! #chihuahua #dogs #dogsofinstgram #pensive

Hey Team Earth!
. . . . .
I was recently approached by @artmailofficial to do a short interview for their "Stories” project, asking artists personal questions about life and art.
. . . . .
I really enjoyed answering these, as it made me dig a little extra deep and inquire inward about some things that I’m not generally cognizant of. Reminded me how the simple act of asking questions is a powerful catalyst for reflective thought, and crystalizing ideas that otherwise may never have been made crystal.
. . . . . . .
Honored to have participated, thanks to Artmail! 💎🙏🏽💎 // Link in bio! // #chadgoei


Magic Hour. 🙏


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👽✌🏼👽✌🏼👽~*I am not insane I am a martian *~ #alien #costume

Cute, but psycho, but also sober #1year

Happy 22nd Birthday to my favorite girl ; may you have an amazing year. ❤❤

Porch views from last night 🎉

u s a

fourth of july bubbles. 📷 @weekendbabes #weekendbabes

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