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The stage is set! Come peep an acoustic set with @cmitchellpowers and @lawson_powers at flicker bar in Athens ga tonight. It’s gonna be quite fun! 🤘🏻🎸🎤 #guitar #acoustic #music #localmusic

PBR Shadows.

Ladies and gentlemen, CHECKOUT premieres one week from tonight at Flicker Bar! I cannot wait to unveil this gem and celebrate with you all. #CheckoutFilm2018

Here is the poster for CHECKOUT which premieres one week from right now. Super excited to share this with you all.


next showwwwwww presented by the beachhhhh (i misspelled the last post - dope! 😣) i swear i’m in grad school!

Last night we got to catch up with our friends Semicircle and Curt Castle at the ol' Flicker Theatre & Bar!

Two #monkey-related reasons to get excited:
1) @jtorrestorres condensed the original #PlanetoftheApes series into the pretty-solid #RevisionofthePlanetoftheApes, an 80-minute #film which plays @flickertheatre tomorrow.
2) I used this as an opportunity to write about #GeorgeRomero's #MonkeyShines: An Experiment in Fear.

The link to the @flagpolemagazine #review is in my bio.

#movie #cinema #ape #gorilla #simian

The Man Who Couldn't Draw A Gorilla

See ya in a few weeks, Athens. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Come n git em! Flick ur Flicker Not-Bic! #onsalenow #branding #marketing #notaffiliatedwithbic #pleasedontsueusyall


Joe Rowe Row Row Yr Boat 🚣‍♀️

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