Bernice's Tavern


Hey found a bar that gave us free drinks just for being women and putting money in the jukebox. AMA.

Sayonara, Schiappa. <3

MY GURL. Soooo happy to be With my most 'wholesome' bffl in the Chicago 😈👹😜

Bingo gains 🏆

On set today at one of the Great dive spots in #Chicago... It's been two weeks here & we're becoming a family... Plus my wife & our family comes to Chicago tomorrow! Alright, back to work #BananaSeason #BehindtheScenes

Buff bitches

Yaaaaaaaay, impromptu birthday cake care of @leannediane at #bernices


This is not a wig #windblown #cousins

The spins.

oh hello, Bridgeport! It's always nice ta run inta ya!

Ohhhhh!!!! The cutest valentine from @beckyrosebloom, thanks!!!! ❤️💋❤️🔮💄🌈💥💃#thankyou #cute #friends #valentines

Thursday nights at Bernice's Tavern

Had a great night last night for open mic with @richterarthur

Bingo gains 🏆

Someone's happy I'm rocking my Antivirus shirt!