The Living Planet Aquarium


Just gonna pull up a chair and watch him watch them. We'll be here a while. 👌🏻

"I am more me than I've ever been" 🐢

We took Ellie to the aquarium last night, and she showed us that she has been working on her smile 😂

To: My ride or Die

My has this friendship been a journey. One year older and wiser with more love and admiration each passing day. You have changed my life so completely I don't think you understand how perfect you and even your family are. You helped me when I was hurting and broken and I'll stand by you through the same. Our sisterhood and friendship has been built on how similar we are and experiences we've shared together. We have each learned how to love us and each other so strongly because we don't just love each other when it's easy. We love each other when it's hard. There isn't anyone who could replace you or dares to even try because you're so strong, loyal, and truly an amazing friend. I hope you're having the happiest birthday and are adoring every second of it, because I absolutely adore you.
Xoxo your best friend, Hannah❤️

He's really upped his mischief game this week, but none of us can stay mad at this face...even when he sends sister's accessories to their watery toilet death 😬 #trouble #theharvs #twoyearoldlife #latergram

Feeding penguins!! Thanks @katherinemp23 #spiritanimal

Sweet family time at the aquarium!! @carsonkm

I taught Cassie the dons crunch and the dons oath, so I must be doing something right. right?


Well work meetings aren't to bad.
#nachos #shark #aquarium

Little Swell Shark (Cephaloscyllium ventriosum) is growing up!

"I am more me than I've ever been" 🐢

Just gonna pull up a chair and watch him watch them. We'll be here a while. 👌🏻

Oh my heart! #penguins

Fun day. Cool bridge!

A short video of the shark tunnel. With a lively beat to pick you up. .
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The ocean is home to many amazing and astounding animals, and one of the most intriguing is the Lion’s mane sea jelly. Learn more about them on our blog by using the link in our profile!
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Such a fun day hanging out at the Living Planet Aquarium 🦈🐟🐧with my mini-me and her class. Love seeing the world through her eyes! 😍 #momsrule #mykidsrock #myminime #livingplanetaquarium #fashionfrenzy #lularoecarly

Riding on the tail of an orca. He loved when I let him out of the stroller to explore when it was safe or an empty rooms.

🌼🌻☀️This sunshine girl will forever stay a baby right? She will always want to lay on me and tell me I am beautiful lol. #motherdaughterday #momlife #everlyskye

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