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Gryphon Cafe


and thhheeennnn the afternoon snack :))

Cawfee time☕️


Just doing life 😊☕💕 definitely the best part of my day
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college apps✔️ (lol jk)

missed this bug so much!!!

We sat on this bench the day we met. I first noticed his eyes, immediately loved how tall he was, and left thinking that I really enjoyed talking with him. Who knew... 💓 #fullheart #littlefamily

Happy birthday to this qt!! Thanks for being the only camp person to ever roll thru Wayne, PA to visit me @ the Gryphon. Love you bunches & hope your day is as wonderful as you are! ❤💙💛💚

adult coloring books are really something special


It has been almost exactly one year since I moved across the country with my "husband" and my daughter, leaving behind my budding career, friends and home in L.A. to follow his career and live in a house he inherited; but that did not happen. Two months later my daughter and I were kicked out of the home, we stayed in hotels and even with a local family here that I met at the gym who felt sorry for me after seeing Zara's dad have an angry episode at the Philadelphia Sports Club. This past year has been draining and unfortunately Zara and I are still being forced to live in a place where we have no support network or system while her father is rarely present and travels all over the country. I have since joined an on-line support group that helps women who have been abused or are being abused by a narcissist. I come from abandonment and abuse so I was the perfect victim for Zara's father. Please DO NOT feel like you are alone if you have suffered something similar to this. The fact is most narcissist take extreme pleasure in destroying a strong and independent woman because it's an even bigger challenge to dismantle all her hard work, her budding career etc. I am not a victim anymore but I was and I will continue to speak on behalf of myself and other women who are taken advantage of by socio-path/ narcissist who use them as stepping stones.
#survivor #momsofinstagram #singlemom #narcissisticabuse #speak #speakup

and thhheeennnn the afternoon snack :))

It was an L.A. type of Night at The Gryphon Cafe Open Mic 2nite! Another L.A. Comic & audience members from Echo Park ☺️😎🎤🙋🏻👱🏻‍♀️ #momic #comedy #comedian #standup #momsofinstagram #pennsylvania

Not a good sign when your ready to head to the beach.☔️🌊🌧
#cafe #umbrellas #rainyday #vacation

This is probably the fanciest glass I have ever drank a vanilla iced latte out of.. The Gryphon cafe in Wayne PA. sure knows how to make them great. ☕️

sip me baby one more time ☕️

College grads, Yashi & Selena!
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Staying Cool

I love local coffee shops! @gryphoncafewayne killer sign today ❤️

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