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Gryphon Cafe


Chi-Chi and Ki-Ki having some Gry(fun) drinking cider (it's alcohol) #jk #wewish


Just doing life 😊☕💕 definitely the best part of my day
#allthecoffee #favplace #loveherrrr #youthleaderlife #sosothankful

Hey friends so starting sometime today, I'm going to be taking a 30 day (hopefully) break from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and twitter. I'm hoping to last 30 days but after a week I'll reevaluate 😂if you want to contact me just text me, call me or email me lol. Bye bye insta!

Cawfee time☕️

college apps✔️ (lol jk)

missed this bug so much!!!

We sat on this bench the day we met. I first noticed his eyes, immediately loved how tall he was, and left thinking that I really enjoyed talking with him. Who knew... 💓 #fullheart #littlefamily

Happy birthday to this qt!! Thanks for being the only camp person to ever roll thru Wayne, PA to visit me @ the Gryphon. Love you bunches & hope your day is as wonderful as you are! ❤💙💛💚


Post mid terms celebratory coffee date👯 ☺️☕️

Clients, calls and hunting. Happy Thursday, folks!

Pretty prosciutto

Breakfast outside Philly

That's a damn fine cup of coffee ☕️

Chi-Chi and Ki-Ki having some Gry(fun) drinking cider (it's alcohol) #jk #wewish

"Sorry there is no art" says the barista as he explains how macadamia nut milk works in lattes. What he doesn't know? It's been a rough week for me, and the fact someone wanted my latte to look pretty is touching. Freelance/entrepreneur/lady boss - ness , it's tiring. It's possible I might be more fueled by the barista's good intentions more than the quad shot. Also, I totally see a fig. And I drank some bc yum. #nosmallmitzvas #coffee #latte #ladyboss #freelance #startup

oat milk latte! come in & try some 🍂

#gryphoncoffee #gryphoncafé

I've mentioned a few times that I don't drink coffee like I used to. I actually quit coffee by accident. I would make coffee every morning before work and take it with me. One morning last September the coffee pot was dirty so I didn't make any (because truthfully, I'm lazy). I went one day without coffee and by day two I figured I should just keep it going and stop cold turkey. I had five days of a headache that wouldn't go away and a sluggy brain fog. On day six I finally felt human again and ever since I don't need coffee to function. I actually sleep better and I feel more awake first thing in the morning. If I do have caffeine I stick with tea and every once in a while go for a coffee or a latte 😍 Everything in moderation, right?


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