Supreme Court of the Philippines


Officially Atty. Rafael Lorenz S. Santos 😊 To God be the glory! 🙏🏼

It's official. And trust me, my parents are happy. My papa just doesn't know how to smile. 😂

Too legit to quit! Finally, an attorney.💃🏽 #kilig

That moment when your dreams come true.✒
#SigningTheRollOfAttorneys #clozette

Roll No. 67779

It's official! I am Atty. Camille Jaojoco Villasin of Tacloban City. 😊


✔️Passed the 2016 Bar Examinations
✔️Took the oath
✔️Signed the roll "Your honor, ATTY. Cherie Maryse O. Alcantara!"
Thank you mother dearest for you are my inspiration and life. I am now who I am without you. I love you! ❤❤❤ #officiallyatty #yourhonor #rollsigning2017

Ma'am: pirma ka sa blank tapos thumb mark. Diinan mo ha.

Me: Yes po.


Officially part of the Lawyerhood. Finally. 😭 #thankful

Minutes before the signing of the roll of attorneys -- the final act before one becomes a full-fledged lawyer. Hello from Atty 67042 ⚖
📷: Atty. Bruneson I. Alabastro a.k.a @bruuunx

Finally, an attorney❤️



"...Even the cancer cells feared her!"

As in all of those proud and happy moments of my life you have always been with me.. Thank you mom for coming to my oath taking. :)

Like mother like son :)) #instasize #kristoleli #babythor

Supreme Court of the #Philippines


Welcome to the office Andrei! ^_^ Persons reunion na ito haha. We'll celebrate your arrival in true bitch fashion soon. ^_^

The fun thing about my little sideline: seeing Supreme Court cases in the über original.

Finally done with OJT! :) #SC #OCA

So, obviously, I did not get the memo re this shot's pose 😂! Hahahahaha! Goofing off after the official office photoshoot 📷

Mascom goals ✔

Mascom goals ✔

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