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Had a pretty fun anniversary with wifey last night! She's a kick ass shot! Be careful! 😍😍😍

We're pretty sure everyone around here is familiar with @threatdynamics !!! Their your go-to Firearms Training Facility!

This year they have generously donated a FEW packages to our event:
-An immersive party package for ten people
-A gift certificate for an Oregon and Utah Conceal Carry Class
-and a certificate for their Basic Introduction to Handguns Course!

Have you ran out of reasons why you can't make it to the "Lunch with the Chief" yet? If not, we're surprised!
Come take advantage of all the amazing auction items we'll have!
It's a double win to get an item you want, AND by doing so giving back to your community!!! #threatdynamics #backtheblue #tdtrained #tualatin #tualatinpolice #oregon #firearmstraining #portland

Went to the range yesterday with my brother and niece @jillthemantisshrimp Had a great time!
#shesacrackshot #shootingrange #threatdynamics

We got a crazy double barrel 1911 down here at TD just asking to be apart of your collection. I have to admit, it would look pretty damn cool in any firearm collection. Come on down and check it out! Might as well wear some America swag and get a free lane out of it! Remember, this promotion only lasts til Saturday! #america #1911 #4thofjuly #4th #independenceday #pewpew

Happy Birthday America 🇺🇸🇺🇸 come on down to TD wearing your BEST America Swag and get a lane fee on us! You’ll also get a photo posted on our FB and a chance to win a TD Swag Bag with lots of surprises! #threatdynamics #indoorrange #america #4thofjuly #independenceday #guns

Would you like to work on your holster draw? Take a quick holster draw certification with us and you’ll be on your way #vp9 #9mm #threatdynamics #holster #indoorrange #4thofjuly

Turning 31 felt even bigger than turning 30...I’m thinking it has something to do with being out of active cancer treatments and having so much more flexibility with my life. .
The energy reserves are still low, chronically low to be exact but my desire to live life to the fullest is at an all time high. I’m determined. .
I’ve spent most of my birthday weekend with my hubby and son but today I got to spend an entire day with my bestie; my person!!! She took me to lunch at @applebees and then we spent the rest of the afternoon at @threatdynamics doing both shooting range and simulation range shooting. Come to find out I’m a great shot with a handgun. As a rifle hunter I’ve never been all that great of a shot, mostly because of my short arms, so I was very impressed that my aim was so good with a smaller 9 mm handgun. It was a blast and we both agreed that we needed to make this a monthly date!! .
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Do you have your Concealed Carry Permit for OR , UT & AZ? If not we teach multiple classes pre month, including advanced Use of Force and shooting tactics classes. More info at:

Great Combative Handgun Class tonight .Had a great Instructor to help make it awesome @instrctr_ryan .
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