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Hosting a cute post #pride parade party @acehotelnewyork in tandem with BUST magazine this Sunday 3-9pm! New #kissandtellparty podcast up by longtime dance floor buddy Ben Manzone today too on my SoundCloud. Love is love is love is love is love is love... 💕 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖
Kiss & Tell: post-march party celebrating PRIDE
with DJ sets by...
Ben Manzone [ On & On ]
Bruno Coviello [ LIGHT ASYLUM ]
FXWRK aka Coral Foxworth [ Sister ]
Seze [ Kiss & Tell Party ]

hosted and party pics: Seze Devres Photography NYC

This year, NYC's historic Pride March wraps right at 29th and 5th Ave, less than one block from our front doors. To celebrate, a quartet of amazing DJs —curated by Kiss & Tell— are joining forces to hold it down in our air conditioned Lobby Bar from 3pm—9pm. Ben Manzone, Bruno Coviello of Light Asylum fame (who also hosts our Psychic Sundays), FXWRK and Seze will spin a mix of disco, house, indie, and dance gems. Right next door at The John Dory Oyster Bar, BUST Magazine will be hosting their own after-March celebration which you can mingle your way into. Both rooms are free and open to the public.
Kiss & Tell began as a knitting circle at Trash Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where like minded music obsessed ladies would meet up to knit, have a few drinks, and, well... kiss and tell. The first official party was on December 7, 2005 and now, over a decade later the series is still going strong, hosted at noteable hotspots Bossa Nova Civic Club, Knockdown Center and Good Room. ***
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thank you @tedkerr for your thoughtful piece in the @villagevoice #pridemonth edition on @vivekshraya #trishaproject opening june 12 @acehotelnewyork #pride🌈

I think Ace Hotel New York would be Gypsy's kind of place. #missingmydogapparently

This place is full of gems 😹🙃 #acehotelnyc #designhotel #wisdoms in the room

Just chilling with a rum and coke for "No, really. How are you REALLY feeling?" Anyone need to unload their mind? Consider this my renegade circling/coaching time for anyone that's ever wanted that.

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So i didnt know until right now you can pick the main photo when you take a Live Photo. Watch @justin_kopa_ face.

Tonight I DJ at @acehotelnewyork!!! 💥⭐️✨

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