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my morning go to is the iced chai tea from starbucks! i always make sure to ask for light ice just so i can get more drink. it's super good and refreshing and when i want to change it up a bit it's also great with almond milk. i highly recommend

if you want to order a specific size email jayjoreedesigns@gmail.com if you do not I can't guarantee your size will be available if any at all! $30 shipped us! $25 picked up from the shop. 👉🏻jayjoreedesigns@gmail.com👈🏻

Yay #Jeffcup. Trump Cup "boycott" cracks me up. #dallas #notmypresident #stillwithher #strongertogether

@Starbucks on a Monday is a must! ☕️
I grabbed a Caramel Brûlée Latte and I'm loving the new red holiday cups. ❤️
What's your favorite holiday beverage?
PS: Did you know that today is the last day of #Starbucks' BOGO deal? Grab a holiday drink and get one free from 2-5 pm. 🙌🏼

Jules😍, Molls💛💛, & Hope Dobson

The look I give Monday when it rolls around...like...who invited you?! 😂#HappyMonday


Fav #starbucks in town. Lots of shows this wk check internet social media pages.


Pumpkin spice season 🎃

I take my #pumpkinspice latte time very seriously in #fall 😻😻😻 go lonely #starbucks lover 😍😍 #gay #gaygram #gayselfie #gayboy #sundayfunday #sweet

Another reason to luv Starbucks. Me like sugar skulls. #starbucks #sugarskulls

It’s all the deal right now with the fall months upon us. One thing I see EVERY spring is my sweet clients who for whatever reason decided throwing on a color close to “their natural” was a great way to save $$ and get a pretty fall color. And as many of those find out that’s the absolute worst thing you can do. For one in the spring the desire to start the lightening process for summer is strong and you’ve now guaranteed a color correction journey. It will equal to sessions upon sessions to keep it healthy along the way and lots of investing in time and $$$$$$. OR you can do a sweet fall multidimensional colormelt specifically customized to what your hair needs. You’ll get crazy shine,strength (cue @olaplex) and a fall inspired look worthy of envy♥️. The ultimate benefit is you will easily transition into the summer light blends without wreaking havoc on your hair. (Insert Miranda Priestly 💁🏼) THAT’S ALL.
#cynlovesbalayage #blushatbishoparts

Relaxing before my next shift at the State Fair..

Oh @starbucks how I love thee, but one of your baristas apparently thinks he is a Dr or dietician! Here's my story from yesterday, my first judgement from a complete stranger on my new way of eating, #keto . **********************************I totally just got judged by the barista at Starbucks at the one I go to all the time!! He's a semi buff guy, usually very nice. Today he asked me, so why the heavy cream? I had ordered 2 drinks for me and my husband. I said because it's way less carbs than half and half. We are doing Keto. He looked at me funny and said, wow you should really do your research on that. It's not good for you at all. 😳😳 well I said, I've lost 12.5 lbs in 3 weeks and my husbands lost 25lbs, It's working for us. He then proceeds to ask me what we are eating. 😳😳 by now everyone is staring at us in Starbucks. I told him some of things and he asked about eggs. He said its recommended only 2-3 eggs a day. It's bad for your cholesterol. Lord a mercy... He was totally judging me! 😳😡 I got back in the car, my husband was like I can't believe he asked you that??? The barista said, oh I only eat egg whites. I said, Well you're missing all the good stuff that the yellow gives you. Y'all I was NOT prepared for this today and this was a first for me. I guess I'm officially Keto now that I've been judged by a complete stranger!!! 😂😂😂 anyone else had this happen to them?? *********************************
Just a quick piece of advice Starbucks, lets train the baristas NOT to judge someone on the drink they order or to give unwarranted food/diet advice, MMMKAY??? He was completely out of line and actually didn't even know what he was talking about. I wonder if he asks everyone who orders sugar laden drinks why so much sugar?? 😂😂 #starbucks #starbuckscoffee #unwarranted #barista #rude #keto #weightlossjourney #dallas #thistotallycrackedmeup #areyouadoctor

It’s a beautiful Monday morning full of warmth and sunshine in Dallas. Have a wonderful day friends! #CityGirl #LoveMyCity #Dallas #DowntownDallas

A trip to Starbucks for Grace since she did so well in school this week 💚
#CaramelFrappe #PinkDrink #Starbucks

Had to stop for a treat while we sit in traffic #puppaccinoTino #myvoiceisannoying

Ingredients to my Turmeric Tea ☕️
Great for the #beautiful skin, bloating, detoxing, and good night sleep.
It's all #Natural and be purchase over-the-counter.
I use my #PinkiePromisedCup from U Got Me Twisted Apparel as a reminder of #MeTime.
Believe in self-care.💗💓
To purchase your cup with #FreeShipping today. A link is in the bio.
Take a #screenshot Of link.
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