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What are you radiating today? ——————————————
I’m working on being more open and communicative.
Communication is perhaps my biggest and most important core value and surprisingly it’s one of the things I need to work on most.
I realized I can be very strong willed in my determination to be self sufficient and often feel like others don’t always understand me.
I think a lot of this comes from shutting myself off to others and not breathing them in and just existing with them.
I think I have a deep fear of being seen, and I mean being really seen, of exposing myself, of being vulnerable with others.
I’ve been operating out of hiding and fear for so long that I’m finding this adjustment difficult.
But like everything, it takes practice.
I have to practice depending on others and practice letting them be there for me.
I have to actively practice being open.
I have to practice having conversations to understand not to be understood.
I want to radiate love and openness,
so you bet I’m going to put in the work and practice to do that. ❤️
Have you done your core values yet?
If so what are some of yours?
Let me know what you’re working on below!