it's nice to have him home

// ALEX² UP. 👊🏼

Here's a pic from our first date ever. I won't get too deep - just know that if MySpace was still a thing you'd be on my Top 4. I LOVE YOU, HAPPY BDAY sister 🌷

We had such good nachos for lunch after a little bubble tea friend date 😻


So far this pregnancy my favorite things to do are sleep and eat. V and I go out to lunch together a lot. Then we eat dessert. Then we go home and nap. When we wake up, we eat more and I'm still tired. Always. Tired. #eatingallthefood #takingallthenaps #pregnantmomlife #sloblife

Get in my belly. There's still no taco emoji? 🌵


so glad you're home for a bit lova, missed you lots


Steak baja bowl.

Trying out a new Mexican restaurant for lunch.

Love Saturdays full of food

Yep. The party can start now. Adventure time with @jordanvoth ✌😜

Foooood. #portland #oregon

So many delicious choices! #pepinos

Lunchtime 🍹

Burrito-battle-queen 🍴

brother burrito battle!

Niece chose #mexicanfood. Their shrimp taco and soup was pretty good #foodie #foodporn #portland