Perfect day for wine tasting and a bike ride. #lakechelan #winetasting

Lunch with Holli

Aerating a red wine gives it the ability to "stretch" its legs after being cooped up in a bottle for such a long period of time. Doing so brings out new depths of flavor and enhances all the best characteristics of the wine. Next time you go to taste a red, give it a little swirl and notice the difference.

Chocolate covered strawberry tartlet ❤

My daily dose of sunshine no matter how crazy life gets! ☀️ I love you!

Wine a little, laugh a lot!!


Guess who has strawberries ready? That's right, your favorite winery. Stop in and grab a pint of these beauties, or enjoy them on a charcuterie board with your friends during happy hour.

Dinner tonight at the Bistro - Radish/cucumber gazpacho- Filet Mignon

Morning harvest from the Bistro garden.

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