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Giant Coloring Posters for those coloring enthusiasts—soon to be on our shelves thanks to @mohodesigns!
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Support Nest, 2018 curated by Nina Pelaez
Photo credit: Jeshua González Camacho @filmmakingstudio Art has the capacity of providing gaps for change to evolve. I believe that performance art can foster healing experiences and build community through the essence of the gift. To read the complete interview go to @wcmaart #performanceart #sitespecificinstallation #body #bodyworks #sculpture #puertoricanartist #caribbeanartist #performanceartist #puertorico #massachusetts #northadams #wcma #massmoca #artistinresidence

Margaret Evans Price, c 1923

Ever wanted to grab an artwork right off the gallery wall? Well now's your chance! On Wednesday and Fridays this summer from 1-4pm, stop by our WALLS exhibit to get a taste of the student perspective of our art lending program. With the assistance of one of our student interns, you can select a piece, take it off the wall, and spend as much time with it as you'd like in our gallery. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Each semester, over 120 students come to #WCMA to borrow a piece of artwork from the collection for free to hang in their dorm rooms. One of the most exciting elements of this program is pick-up day, where students line up (and some even camp overnight!) to nab their favorite works.
Our visitors have already interacted with a number of works, including "La création (The Creation)" (1960) by Marc Chagall (French, born Belarus, 1887-1985), "Otros Leyes por el Pueblo (Other Laws for the People)" (1877) by Francisco de Goya (Spanish, 1746-1828), and "Himalayas from Kashmir" (c. 1870s), artist unknown. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Stop by #WCMA to see selected WALLS works on view, curated by Crispin Jay Salapare III '20, and check out @wcmawalls on Instagram to see our entire WALLS collection. //
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We #interviewed artist Natalie Falero, who will be performing “Nido de Apoyo/Support Nest” tonight on our patio from 6-8pm as part of our second week of our summer #Ologiesprograms. Under the theme of #Iamatology, the study of therapeutics, Falero’s work will invite visitors to engage in collective experiences that celebrate self-love and #healing. ⠀
Q: What are some of the influences you draw on in your art and performance work?
A. My work has always had a link to home, somehow my body weights down where I belong and how my mental and emotional state reacts and understands our reality. I come from a humble family, I grew up in a rural area of San Juan, Caimito. My family, my interactions with them, and their political ideals also take part on how I inform my art. The lack of autonomy and agency that my country has undergone in history makes it difficult to the collective psiquis to believe in their capacity of functioning as a whole without depending from another Nation. After the hurricane, commodities that are of everyday use and are basic human resources were scarce. The failure of pursuing and searching stability and security, emotional comfort, and the feeling of displacement and the accumulation of pain as outcome, in a country that lives in constant unease is of high relevance in my work as well. ⠀⠀⠀
Q. How can art foster healing experiences and build community?
A. Art has the capacity of providing gaps for change to evolve. I believe that performance art can foster healing experiences and build community through the essence of the gift. Creating spaces to speak, even through the silence of the moving body, binds hope towards sanity for humans, and provides alternative practices through which individuals and the community can exercise support from diverse approaches. I think that performance art gives the chance to the audience to become the art piece itself, allowing them to take home the gift of the experience, the event and/or the moment that creates a collective memory from the performance.
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Caroline Hamilton, co-curator of "Dance We Must: Treasures from Jacob's Pillow 1906-1940", likens Ruth St. Denis' costuming practice to one of a magpie - gathering shiny, microscopic bits and pieces from every corner of the world. Through collecting items such as buttons and plastic beads and deconstructing cheap costume jewelry, St. Denis created mesmerizing constellations of designs that were not only material conglomerations, but also cultural and historical “magpies”. St. Denis and Ted Shawn, founders of the Denishawn Company, were radical in their shift from Western conventions of dance, as they looked to influences as varied as Indian nautch dancers, Eastern religions, and Spanish bullfighters. Adding and subtracting materials as the pieces grew old with wear and tear, St. Denis imbued the costumes with a sense of historical progression, giving deep thought to the ways in which the material and environmental elements of dance intertwined with the spiritual and metaphysical.
Join us Thursday at 5pm for the second installment of our summer #Ologies series, where Caroline will be leading a mini-course on #Gerontology, the study of aging - in this case, the care and #conservation of objects. At 6pm, our #Iamatology - the study of therapeutics - program will kick off on the patio with an original immersive social sculpture performed by artist Natalie Falero alongside #drinks and small bites.
“Dance We Must: Treasures from Jacob's Pillow 1906-1940” is open until November 11th.

Image 1: Choli, nautch skirt, underskirt, headsheet, bracelets, rings, necklaces worn by Ruth St. Denis in “Nautch Dance”, 1920s-40s
Image 2: Detail of headdress worn by Ruth St. Denis in “Kuan Yin”,1919
Image 3: Traje de Luces (Suit of Lights) and Montera (Hat) worn by Ted Shawn in the Role of Lalanda in “Cuadro Flamenco”, ca. 1910
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3-D printed nylon bangles from @mariaeife—bold in shape and color but light as a feather. In an array of strong colors inspired by our Sol Lewitt Wall Painting.

#RabbitsRule 🐰at the #WilliamsCollegeMuseumofArt gift store.

Terrific collection at the Williams College Museum of Art. @wcmaart #genedavis #josefalbers #annialbers

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