Pork belly(left) and Cali taco(right)

"Celebrated" my two years with @targetx by crushing the second day of #targetxperience and taking some clients to eat freaking delicious tacos and some cookies #watchleahtravel

I had such an unexpectedly fun day! Saw my amazing chiro @sfspinepainrelief who always sets me back on track, then met my bestie @marlene.eats.lumpia at Belly in Oakland for lunch. I was admiring this fine looking man, who turned out to be Draymond Green 🖤🖤🖤. My friend was like Dray is here...and I couldn't pick him out, but I will say that man is hella fine in person and was completely kind to the few folks who came up for selfies or autographs. My friend didn't wanna bother him so I got this blurry photo of him sitting behind her and she's only getting tagged cuz she dgaf that she had food on her face, since it's Dray. I hella love living in Oakland.#eastbayliving #oakland #iloveoakland #eastbayeats #foodporn #draymondgreen #gsw #burrito #spicychicken #caliburrito #legitfood #supportlocalbusiness #besties #lunch #bestiesdayout #lunchspot #funday #getinmybelly #bellyoakland

Idk what the highlight of my day was, seeing Steph curry in arms reach or these kimchi fries 🤷🏾‍♀️ try their shrimp tacos while you’re at it as well!!

Belly at belly


She turns 4 tomorrow and I don’t know how to feel about it.

Lunch date! Had to have my favorite burger for my birthday! 🍔 #Belly #BirthdayLunch

Don't ever fight hunger because you will never win... Especially when you've got a burger with onion rings, parmesan corn on the cob, tacos with fried egg, and sweet potato fries on the table.

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