Need to stop shopping 😓

if my niqqas don't fq wit u I don't fq wit u

I think this is my first fitting room selfie. Enjoy your Sunday lunch guys. Lol #mirrorselfie

proud member of a secret girl gang✌🏾

Be a Day dreamer and a Night thinker 👑

✨🖤dark angel🖤✨| #liketkit #zaranewin #VANCOUVER

I've been thinking about this dress since I saw it online last week so today I hustled my ass and sold a bunch of my vintage accessories and made the cash to go buy it // So glad I decided to try it in person because I ended up getting a small which NEVER happens // Anyways cheers to late night mall visits with a cranky baby all to satisfy my indulgent shopping needs🍸💸

쇼핑하기 힘들네💦


Taking "official hub" to shop 🤣🤣🤣Men also take long time to shop 🙄🙄🙄 #longweekend #victoriaday #morning #shopping #waiting #zara #zaracanada #zarametrotown

Be a Day dreamer and a Night thinker 👑

Exciting Territories Ahead #zara #excitingterritories #fashion

How I try on clothing at the store 😆 #idontpose #idance

✨🖤dark angel🖤✨| #liketkit #zaranewin #VANCOUVER

Metrotown team, thank you for your love. I will truly miss you all 🤧🤧🤧😭😭 this has been the hardest goodbye 😭💝



tấp vô zara là mua cứ tấp vô là mua dm :) mua cái này nữa nè tiền ơi là tiền

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