Fort Snelling National Cemetery


More than 70 years after Army staff sergeant Jerry Jacobsen went missing during a World War II battle in France, his remains were finally recovered and laid to rest at Fort Snelling National Cemetery on Friday. See more by our @lizrflores on her account. #stribminnesota #fortsnelling

Happy Memorial Day🇺🇸

Minnesota remembers ~ #OpHawkeyeRemembers
#supportourSOFcommunity 💪 📷 PC: Erin Walock

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Everyday there is an old army veteran who iv noticed shows up to my work at 11:30 sharp every day (Even in the rain today). He walks with a cane but he always slowly makes his way down the long row of stones. He struggles to get down on his knees because of his age, but every day he does, he rests his head on top of the stone and folds his hands and prays over it. Then he leaves 1 beautiful rose on top of the stone every time. Today my work did not start until noon. So as I saw him making his way back to his car, i waited and asked him "iv noticed every time I'm near this section working you are here at the exact same time, why is that?" This man then proceeded to tell me that his wife grew very ill 6 years ago. And then he told me that at 11:30 am was the very last time he got to tell his wife that he loved her before they took her off of life support. Then he said "so everyday I come here at 11:30 to tell her I still love her the same way I did back then. And I leave a prayer and rose because I know one day I will see her again." Love is the most powerful thing on this earth and I only hope that as I grow older I can become the kind of loving person that this man is.

Volunteers placed more than 50,000 flags at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in #Minneapolis for #MemorialDay. #honor #sacrifice

love you forever and always grandpa 💜 6/9/37-10/21/94

This, is why we stand 🇺🇸

A sobering look and lesson on what sacrifice and love of country looks like
#memorialday #bravesouls #respect

This incredible photo was taken at Ft. Snelling National Cemetery in Minnesota by Frank Glick in spring of 2011. The eagle is on the grave of a Maurice Ruch who was in the Army Air Corps during WW2.


When Grandpa turns 100, you take mimosas to the cemetery. "Grandpa didn't raise no fools!"

This, is why we stand 🇺🇸

Happy birthday big guy ✝️

We had to go get some flowers since we unexpectedly got to see the gravesite today. Grandma's name should be on the back of the headstone in the next couple months. #RIP #loveyou #finalrestingplace #headstone #fortsnellingnationalcemetery

Today we laid my Grandma to rest right beside the love of her life. We didn't think we were going to get to see the burial portion, but they were kind enough to let us. #RIP

Today is Grandma's burial. She will be joining my Grandpa on their 64th wedding anniversary. #RIP #truelove #urn #gonebutnotforgotten

I wonder what Evan the bugler's story is...

The man who found my voice. I owe him so much. In two weeks, it will have been 12 years since he passed. Rest in Peace.

To the lady who always had a smile on her face and brought joy to others. Hard to believe that it's been almost four months since you left us and today we are finally able lay you to rest. I look forward to the day when we can have our long conversations about everything and anything again! ❤️ #grandparents

Saying goodbyes are hard, but sometimes easy at the same time. #peace #peaceful #calm #rain #fortsnelling #fortsnellingnationalcemetery

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