DCU Convention Center


Moonwalking all over the place 😳These athletes are stepping up their game every weekend! Team Max-D is still on top, but the competition is only getting fiercer!

In honor of SOSD's first competition next weekend at DCU, throwback to last year! 💚

Back to when it wasn't snowing every other day.
@zackyg89 📽📲
@nbnumeric #nm533

180' only ;)) @defyinggravityri

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! #HB Wishing my fellow German speaker the wildest of birthdays😏🎉 Sorry I look really drunk in this photo but that's because I was.

#tbt to the allure day💍💕✈️

hahaha xceptional

reaching for February break like… #LiveLoveLeftTilts


Five Finger Death Punch! #latergram #ffdp

Happy Monday REVELERS!! ✊🏼💜✨ @comfortfedoke #dancerevel 📷 @shutterschmack

@joeknetter and I are debuting a brand new book we wrote together titled, "Haunted Journeys: Salem". This book is a series detailing our own personal experiences at haunted locations all across the country and it just so happens Salem is the first! This book is brand new and never before seen by the public. We only have limited copies so if you're attending @rockandshockconvention be sure to stop by and check it out as we will debuting it at the convention. We'll have online sales by the end of October!

One where I don't look bonkers. #MASSiveCon

Very excited about the accuracy of this TARDIS.

Worcester Pro Hockey Fanfest

I'm missing a few of my babies (and of course my fearless leader and co-coach), but I AD❤️RE MY SPICE GIRLS 🇬🇧. So very proud of you and ALL of our Elite Heat Teams!

I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite 😃

Looks like #TheWeeknd came early...

Thank you @officialtwiztid, @blazeyadead1 and @turncoat_dirty for a great night! Loved meeting you again this year, the set you put on was amazing, and the after party was GREAT! All of us from the 603 Gets Twiztid street team look forward to seeing you in Woosta again next year! #603GetsTwiztid #streetteam #Twiztid #frightfest2015 #JamieMadrox #monoxide #Blaze #Boondox