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So many pups who need homes 💛

Adoptable Doggo: Chewy, the 7yr old Pit Bull mix. (SWIPE for more)
Once a budding underwear model and v happi boi, Chewy’s life was turned upside down when his parents died in a freak gasoline fight accident.
349 days ago today, Chewy began his stay at APA!. Since then, he’s put less focus on modeling and more focus on bein’ a well behaved doggo.
Currently enrolled in the Total Obedience Program at APA!, Chewy has a personalized training plan that has allowed him to master the Sit and Stay, as well as walking on a leash like the adoptable doggo he is.
He’s a ball chasing fool, happi as heck and ready to be your new roommate. If you think he might be a good fit in your home, stop down to APA! and ask for him by name. He’s a fan favorite for sure, and his modeling skills definitely still there. I can assure you that!
Fun Fact: Chewy aspires to someday open a Center For Dogs Who Can’t Behave Good and Want To Do Other Things Good Too.
Chewy - A-40116 #zb_adoptabledoggo

Guys. We bought a dog!! World, meet Dakota! #doggo #adoptdontshop #rescuesofinstagram

Met lots of new friends at the shelter today! I took photos of cute little Beatrix this morning and I already got word that she's been adopted! Happy trails sweet girl! 💗😊🐕 #austinpetsalive #adoptdontshop

Happy Mother's Day to all the fur baby mamas and all of the people mamas! We have been two peas in a pod since day 1. This photo was taken on our #gotchaday. #ruf_a_duf #americanbulldogsofinstagram #pitbullsofinstagram

Betty is a sweet and gentle senior looking for someone to share her golden years with. She has a calming presence (and a cute button nose!) Could you be looking for her, too? Write us to meet this precious, loving soul!

What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to become a "mom" myself. Everyone, meet Biscuit. #austinpetsalive #rescued #catmom

This little nugget of perfection is all mine. Meet the newest member of the Norman gang, Asa. Because senior dogs need love too.


Oscar took a cooldown in the creek next to @austinpetsalive to, um, chill down the family jewels. His smile says it all!

Guess who just officially adopted a puppy! 🐶

Kip loves being petted and getting nuzzles! You can find him at the Feline Leukemia Sanctuary in Austin Pets Alive! 😸😸😸 #austinpetsalive #adoptables #adoptdontshop #catofinstagram #catsofaustin #nuzzles #specialneedscat #felineleukemia

So many pups who need homes 💛

Little Crunch here was going to be euthanized on Saturday because he has a broken tail and a fractured spine... but I needed a roommate and I figured he'd be a perfect candidate. #fosterdad

Sweet doesn't begin to explain this smiling, senior pooch, Madeline. She's active and up for adoption @austinpetsalive #adoptdontshop #austinpetsalive #dogsofinstagram #adoptapet

Daisy is a loveable gentle senior. She lives at Austin Pets Alive right now and would love nothing more than to meet her forever family.

Daisy is at Austin Pets Alive. She is waiting for her perfect family. Please help spread the word about her. Thank you!

Dr. Ellen Jefferson of @austinpetsalive has helped save the lives of over 25,000 animals in Austin alone since joining Austin Pets Alive! 👏🐶🐱 We are so excited that she's now a Recognize Good Legend! Check out our YouTube to watch her induction ceremony.

Look at Sissys little toofs! I have no idea why this sweet girl is still @austinpetsalive! Come meet her and her adorable smile this weekend. Ask for a matchmaker when you arrive! #dogsthatsmile

Love ladybugs! #nature

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