Skydive Perris


Got a little high yesterday 🎈(& watched some lunatics jump out of a hot air balloon)

My dude got her A license today and this dude passed her AFF!

Had to get another jump in before starting my A license this coming Saturday. I step out of planes because in that moment when the leap of faith is taken, the only thing that matters is the gear on your back, and the rest of the game of life instantly washes away. 1 step closer to my vision of bringing heaven to earth. #stoked #skydive #perriscalifornia #perrisskydive #perrisskydiving #chutelife #sharkplane

@paracaidista95 thank you for encouraging me! And thank you to @skydive_perris for my therapy

Gunna try again

Found a new hobby this week 🤘🏻

So i did a thing yesterday #skydiving

Epic morning yesterday seeing the sunrise and watching friends jump out of hot air balloons. Totally worth waking up at 3am for. 🤘

Great day to jump out of an airplane.

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